Lock MIMO for vMIMO

By locking MIMO, you can get vMIMO.

Having vMIMOs allows you to participate in the governance and to have an impact on the decisions of the protocol depending on your voting power.

How to get vMIMO ?

You can get vMIMO by stake & lock MIMO here by click on "Increase voting Power".

You will receive vMIMO (escrow MIMO). vMIMO is calculated based on the amount of MIMO a user locks up and the duration they choose to lock it for.

Users can stake & lock Mimo for a maximum of 4 years at a time and you can always extend your lock up period up to 4 years.

What next ?

Now that you have vMIMO, you can participate in the various governance votes that are published on snapshot or create your own proposal by following the governance process.

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