The EGK is a KUMA interest-bearing token backed by KUMA NFTs, themselves backed by 740 days Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

Next.e.GO Mobile SE is an independent German manufacturer of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility systems based in Aachen. It was founded in 2015 as e.GO Mobile AG by RWTH Aachen-professor Günther Schuh. Their philosophy is innovation with practicality and purpose. They have developed a unique battery electric vehicle platform (e.) as well as Micro-Factories: a revolutionary production system which is a completely disruptive approach to producing electric vehicles. They are focused on providing holistic sustainability. You can learn more about them here 2.

The EGK is currently deployed on Ethereum, Polygon PoS, Linea and Mantle with a SellBondFee (via the ‘sellBond’ fees function) set at 0.01%.

Approved KUMA NFTs Risk Category:

  • Currency: EUR

  • Issuer: Next.e.GO Mobile SE

  • Term: 740 (days)

The first Next.e.GO Mobile SE corporate bonds to be accepted as backing of EGK have these parameters: (further Next.e.GO Mobile SE related bonds may be added by Mimo Capital AG automatically in the future)

  • cusip: nil

  • isin: DE000A351MK1

  • currency: EUR

  • issuer: Next.e.GO Mobile SE

  • term: 740 (days)

  • issuance: 27 April 2023

  • maturity: 6 May 2025

  • coupon: 8.75%

  • principal: EUR 100,000

Wrapped EGK (wEGK)

The majority of DeFi protocols do not support rebase tokens. To overcome this problem and enable optimal EGK composability, a wEGK token following the erc-4626 standard has been deployed (contract addresses here). More informations on the differences between EGK and wEGK are available here.

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