The following conditions must be met to sell a KUMA NFT to the contract:

  • The contract must be unpaused

  • The maximum amount of unique coupons in reserve must not have be reached

  • The sold bond risk category must match the KUMASwap risk category

  • The sold bond must not have reached maturity

  • The sold bond coupon must greater or equal to the current RateFeed rate.

Minted KIBT Calculation

The amount of minted KIBToken to the seller is calculated as follow :

bondValue=bond.principal(bond.couponelapsedTime)bondValue = bond.principal * (^{elapsedTime})

fee=(bondValuevariableFee)+fixedFeefee = (bondValue * variableFee) + fixedFee

mintedAmount=bondValuefeemintedAmount = bondValue - fee

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