Mimo Capital AG, a regulated entity

Mimo Labs has been working with government officials, industry experts, and regulators across different jurisdictions for the past two years to ensure that the development of new financial products complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Through its structure and legal framework, Mimo Labs can provide the blockchain market with a new financial product accessible to investors worldwide, thus opening new opportunities in the blockchain industry.

Issuing the KUMA NFTs

Mimo Labs has the required regulatory approvals needed to issue tokens backed by sovereign bonds. Each token issued will have the guarantee of being backed by an actual sovereign bond, the KUMA NFTs.

If there are no existing KUMA NFTs in circulation that cater for your need as an individual or as an institution, do not hesitate to reach out to kuma@mimo.capital.

For potential investors willing to access those regulated NFTs, specific details and documents will be requested as part of the Mimo Capital AG onboarding.

Third Party Custodian

Underlying bonds are held by Bank Frik & Co. AG.

Independent auditors

Mimo Labs engages in providing transparent reports on a regular basis that shows the actual backing of each KUMA NFT in circulation. The process of auditing and generating the report is handled by Grant Thornton a top-tier auditing firm to guarantee the independence and the quality of reports.

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