Decentralized Access Control

All access control logic for the decentralized contracts (KUMASwap, KIBToken, KBCToken, and MCAGRateFeed) is handled by the the KUMA protocol's AccessController contract. The following roles will be added to the KUMA protocol's access control to the following entities:

EntityMint KIBTBurn KIBTPause KUMASwapUn-Pause KUMASwapSet KIBT EpochManagerKUMASwap Claim Set KBC URI


MCAG MultiSig


  • KIBT_MINT_ROLE - Mints KIBTokens

  • KIBT_BURN_ROLE - Burns KIBTokens

  • KUMA_SWAP_PAUSE_ROLE - Pauses KUMASwap, which prevents all transfers, minting, and burning of KUMA Bonds NFTs

  • KUMA_SWAP_UNPAUSE_ROLE - Unpauses KUMASwap, which re-enables transfers, minting, and burning of KUMA Bonds NFTs after a pause

  • KIBT_SWAP_CLAIM_ROLE - Claims the parent bonds of a clone bond in KIBTSwap

  • KIBT_SET_EPOCH_LENGTH_ROLE - Sets KIBToken epoch length

  • KUMA_MANAGER_ROLE - Sets configs of the protocol like sellBond fees, minGas in KIBTSwap , KUMAFeeCollector payees and shares, and contract addresses in the KUMAAddressProvider

  • KUMA_SET_URI_ROLE - Sets the URI for the Kuma Bond Clone Token contract

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