The FRK is a KUMA interest-bearing token backed by KUMA NFTs, themselves backed by French 360 days T-Bills. The FRK is currently deployed on Ethereum, Polygon PoS, Linea and Mantle with a SellBondFee (via the ‘sellBond’ fees function) set at 0.01%. Contract addresses can be found here.

Approved KUMA NFTs Risk Category:

  • Currency: EUR

  • Issuer: France Bons du Tresor

  • Term: 357 (days)

Wrapped FRK (wFRK)

The majority of DeFi protocols do not support rebase tokens. To overcome this problem and enable optimal FRK composability, a wFRK token following the erc-4626 standard has been deployed (contract addresses here). More informations on the differences between FRK and wFRK are available here.

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