Each KUMA NFT is non-fungible and transferable. They follow the ERC-721 standard, the NFT standard. Each token contains metadata that provide details about the underlying asset backing its value.

KUMA NFTs are minted unilaterally by Mimo Capital AG. The KUMA DAO has no control over them.

Metadata include:

  • currency Currency of the bond - example : USD

  • country Treasury issuer - example : US

  • term Lifetime of the bond ie. maturity in seconds - issuance date - example : a 52 week bond will have a term of 31449600

  • maturity Date on which the principal amount becomes due - timestamp is seconds

  • issuance Bond issuance date - timestamp in seconds

  • coupon Annual interest rate paid on the bond per - rate per second

  • principal Bond face value

  • cusip-isin Identification number of the underlying bond

  • riskCategory Unique risk category identifier computed with keccack256(abi.encode(currency, country, term)) - each token belongs to a single riskCategory

  • tncId The id of the terms and conditions of the bond

Some bonds can be represented by clone bond NFTs. Read here for more details.

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