KUMA Interest-bearing tokens

KIBT are fully transferable (it means that anyone can buy/sell a KIBT without a KYC/KYB request) and follows the ERC-20 token standard and will have similar properties to aTokens (Aave tokens), where their balance will increase over time without external intervention. Refer to Interest accrual.

Each KIBT is mapped to a single risk category. Each risk category derives an actual token.

Token naming convention and relationships

The tokens follow a specific naming convention:

  • country that issues the underlying bond. 2 letters code following the ISO 3166 ALPHA-2 standard

  • k for KUMA

  • term of the underlying bond in months. Note that for all underlying bond with a 1-year term, the term is not specified.

This means:

  • For a KIBT related to a KUMA NFT backed by a 1-year United-Kingdom-sovereign-bonds, the KIBT is named UKK.

  • For a KIBT related to a KUMA NFT backed by a 1-year United-States-sovereign-bonds, the KIBT is named USK.

  • For a KIBT related to a KUMA backed by a 10-year France-sovereign-bonds, the KIBT is named FRK120.

Each risk category is defined by a unique:

  • Currency

  • Country

  • Term

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