KUMA Integration Request (KIR)

1. Proposing a new NFT Bond

As with all governance upgrades, KIR Template is recommended.

Bonds Presentation : (examples)

  • riskCategory Unique risk category identifier computed with keccack256(abi.encode(currency, country, term)) - each token belongs to a single riskCategory

  • cusip-isin Identification number of the underlying bond

  • principal Bond face value

  • coupon Annual interest rate paid on the bond per - rate per second

  • issuance Bond issuance date - timestamp in seconds

  • maturity Date on which the principal amount becomes due - timestamp is seconds

  • term Lifetime of the bond ie. maturity in seconds - issuance date - example : 10 years

  • country Treasury issuer - example : US

  • currency Currency of the bond - example : USD

2. Submission of proposal

The proposal can now be submitted on Snapshot, including all the information from the above steps.

Considering that the integrations proposals can happen quite often and that the risk for the protocol is lower than other proposal types, we could consider the following parameters:

  • Admin: DAO Multisig

  • Quorum: 0.1% of the total supply (1M vMIMO)

  • Voting Duration: 3 days

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