KUMA Governance Proposal (KGP)

1. Writing a KGP

KGPs are about common governance proposals, especially the ones related to the treasury of the protocol and the DAO organization.

This type of proposal should include, in addition to all the points mentioned in the first part:

Context: (After summary)

Comprehensive overview of the proposal, treasury breakdown if needed.

The KGPs would concern but wouldn’t be limited to:

  • Treasury allocation strategy & budgets

  • Liquidity mining votes if any

  • Grant program if any

  • Contributors/Dao committees rewards

  • Long term partnerships (i.e Dao Swaps)

2. Submission of proposal

KGPs concern the protocol treasury directly, which is why it might be best to define more conservative parameters than KIR ones:

  • Admin: Team multisig

  • Quorum: 0,25% of the total supply (2,5M MIMO)

  • Voting duration: 5 days

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