The following conditions must be met to buy a KUMA NFT from the contract:

  • The contract must be unpaused

  • The bought bond must be in reserve

Burned MIBT Calculation

The KUMASwap contract will burn KIBT from the user's balance before sending the Bonds NFT. A KBCToken is issued during buyBond if the bond's value (i.e. the value of the bond given its coupon) is greater than that of the bond's realized value (i.e. how much KIBT accrual the bond has backed).

bondValue=bond.principal(bond.couponelapsedTime)bondValue = bond.principal * (^{elapsedTime})
bondRealizedValue=bond.principalR0R1bondRealizedValue = \frac{bond.principal}{R_0}* R_1
BurnedAmount=bondRealizedValueBurnedAmount = bondRealizedValue

Where is the R0R_0is the KIBT cumulativeRate at the time of depositing the bond to the KUMASwap contract and R1R_1 is the KIBT cumulativeRate at the time of buying the bond

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