vMIMO and Voting Power

Voting escrow MIMO (vMIMO) = Voting Power

In order to participate in KUMA Protocol governance, token holders must lock their MIMO in the VotingEscrow contract. Users receive non-transferable vMIMO in exchange as the following:

Locked AmountDurationVoting Power


4 years



3 years

0.75 vMIMO


2 years

0.5 vMIMO


1 year

0.25 vMIMO

Users’ voting power decays as their lock period comes closer to expiration but can be extended at any time. The voting power is calculated as follows:

VotingWeighti=stakeiremainingLockupiVotingWeight^i = stake^i * remainingLockup^i

The staking contract keeps track of the remaining lockup in real-time without any user intervention. According to the formula, voting power is topped up at the moment of deposit and decreases linearly afterward.

Note that locking tokens beyond the MAXTIME of 4 years will not earn additional voting power. Locking 100 tokens for four years now and locking 100 tokens for more than four years earns the same amount of voting power.

Where to lock MIMO ?

You can increase your voting power by locking MIMO here (available on Ethereum, Polygon & Fantom) and obtain a proportional amount of vMIMO (calculated based on the amount of MIMO a user locks up and the duration they choose to lock it for).

If you don't know how to lock MIMO, you can follow this guide.

What next ?

Now that you have vMIMO, you can participate in the various governance votes that are published on KUMA Snapshot.

Note that any user can choose to delegate all or a portion of his voting power to someone else on KUMA Snapshot by clicking on "delegate".

Be sure to lock your MIMO before the snapshot vote starts, or your MIMO will not be available for voting!

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